I am a lousy patient . . .

I am a lousy patient and I know it. Whiney and everything.

I have spent the last two days dragging myself around, doing all the things I normally do and feeling horrible while I’m doing it. I’ve been living on Advil Extra Strength Liqui-gels, and they do work pretty well. But oh, when they wear off . . . !

I have the heat in my store cranked up to 75 degrees and the space heater is also blasting on me. I’m still freezing cold. One hour until I close and go home to hide under a pile of blankets.

Do you feel sorry for me yet?


Despite what my body feels, I am blessed and highly favored of God!!! I am MORE than a conqueror! I refuse to let circumstances get me down. ALL my needs are met according to God’s riches in glory through Christ Jesus.

Them’s shoutin’ words!

I feel better already.

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