My Pet Tornado

Seth and Kelsey were in Tulsa, Oklahoma for a week in February, and they brought me back a Pet Tornado. Yes, a Pet Tornado. This little desk toy was intended to give me something to play with as I contemplate the things that need to be contemplated here in my office.

I’ve learned something from this pet of mine.

If I shake it exactly right – in other words, follow the instructions – I get a perfect little tornado every time. But if I deviate from the instructions and try to do it a different way, all I get is a good old Oklahoma dust storm.

What’s the parallel here?

When I follow God’s instructions – which are very clearly laid out in His Word – everything goes well. But if I deviate from those instructions and try to do things my own way, the resulting dust storm makes it impossible for me to see my way – I stumble and fall flat on my face.

I think I’d rather have a tornado . . .

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