Book Titles

I’ve decided to do something kind of fun in this post. There are a LOT of books in this office of mine – with a lot of interesting titles. So, how about if I give you a glimpse of my life, using the titles of these books to help me a bit . . . titles are in italics.

Since I’ve never totally adopted the concept of Mastering the Silence, I concentrate more on Getting the Words Right. Of course, The Face will say more than words. I am learning about The Power of Simple Prayer and as a result, The Awakening is near. I can’t say that I’ve always had The Midas Touch, but I do know that I am Destined to Reign, and that makes all the difference. I try not to be one of the Secret Believers, and I think anyone who knows me would agree that I’m not The Imposter and that my imagination is going All Through the Night.

I like having Kelsey as The Associate, even though she is hooked on Baby Names at the moment. I’m sure she and Seth will soon be looking for Fresh Power once that little one arrives! Jordan is Relentless in her creativity, and Fearless in her efforts to come up with new ideas. How cool is that? Michael is wondering Who Switched Off My Brain, I think, but he is patient with me and I really appreciate how he is not looking for The Blood and the Glory where I am concerned. Julie needs The Invitation to have a good long chat and discuss The Strong-Willed Child – I have lots of experience with that!

Wayne, my awesome husband, is one of The Legends of the West, being the best there is on this side of the country. He is definitely NOT an example of The Ten Commandments of Business Failure!

Well, that’s it for today. It was fun, and got my brain working. No more Writer’s Block! Oops, gotta go – The Master is Calling.

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