More on Clara

I mentioned in yesterday’s blog post that I recently found out Clara Rose likes to cook. That was a bit of a surprise to me, especially since cooking is not one of my favourite things to do.

Clara lives in a huge old Victoria house left to her by her grandfather. Generations of Bosworths have lived in this house and the place is full of family heirlooms, antiques and such. But the kitchen . . . Clara has definitely made her mark there. State of the art appliances, gleaming honey oak cabinets, smooth granite countertops, and every gadget imaginable. It’s enough to cause even ME to consider spending more time in the kitchen.

The girl REALLY loves to cook. And she is REALLY good at it.

Problem is, she has no one to cook for. Kind of a loner, our Clara Rose Bosworth.

I’m trying to ignore the dirty looks she is giving me as she stand with hands on hips in the doorway of my office. If she thinks I’m going to be able to tell her story without giving away her secrets, well . . .

Good, she’s gone.


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2 responses to “More on Clara

  1. Does she have glasses? I’m sort of picturing her with them.

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