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I didn’t know what to title this blog post.

I was reading the local news online this morning and was rather shocked to discover that someone had been shot and killed in the Guildford Mall parking lot around 5:30 pm yesterday. It was disturbing news because that’s not far from where we live. Even more disturbing was knowing that Jordan and I were in the Guildford Mall parking lot at 5:50 pm.

When I told Jordan about it today, her response was, “This doesn’t make me fearful – it makes me angry.” I have to agree with her.

Who has the right to pull a gun and fire it in a public place? This is a busy, busy mall and 5:30 pm would be a peak time.

The news article indicated that the shooting was targeted. So what? A life was taken.

I’m angry. Satan has taken too much ground and, in many areas, we Christians have allowed him to do it. We hide, we keep quiet, and for the most part, we can play the undercover Christian thing pretty well.

Maybe it’s time to do something . . .

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