Conversations from the Grandchildren

Caleb (5) and Reece (2) were playing “castle” the other day and although Caleb is totally into make-believe these days, Reece doesn’t quite understand the concept yet.

Caleb: (wearing his “robes” and holding a “sceptre”) I am the King and I live in a castle!
Reece: (pondering for a while) I am Weecie. I live in house!

In case you didn’t catch it, “Weecie” is Reece’s pronunciation of “Reecie”. He got his point across.

Later that day, Julie and Caleb were looking through a book about bugs that Caleb had borrowed from the school library. The pictures were greatly magnified so that all the gruesome parts were visible. After a few minutes of this, Caleb closed the book.

Caleb: I don’t think I should be reading this book before I go to bed.
Mommy: Caleb, the bugs are just pictures.
Caleb: But they are so big.
Mommy: These bugs aren’t this big for real.
Caleb: I know, but all I can think about is how big they are in the pictures.

Good for Caleb that he knew this was not great bedtime reading. Julie’s conclusion is that perhaps the teachers/librarians should be monitoring a little more what kindergarten kids are taking home . . .

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  1. my seven yr boy is the most sensitive to things, esp. right before bed. IT is such a beautiful gift for them to know this about themselves. Thanks for the facebook message the other day. Loved what you said.

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