Update on Imaginary

Further to my January 18th entry, the character mentioned therein is actually behaving herself. And cooperating. I think Jordan has helped to keep her in line. Jordan is the question-asker and because she is, my character has to stop and think instead of skipping around all over the place. This character, by the way, now has a name.

Clara. Clara Bean.

Clara is a lovely woman in her early thirties. Though strong-willed and independent, Clara also has an obvious vulnerability that often places her in situations that are, shall we say, less than desirable. Oh, she’s arguing with me about that.

Just to tease you a bit . . . Clara has recently received a letter in the mail. Nothing too extraordinary about that. Except that the letter is dated and postmarked June 16, 1910. That’s not unusual if Clara’s story takes place in 1910, but it’s very unusual if she lives in 2009.

Stay tuned.

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  1. So will Jordan also become a character in your book?Wendy J

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