Conversations from the Bookstore

We have great customers coming into our store for the most part, but every now and then you have to wonder . . .

Female Customer (FC): (looking at our Valentine’s display) Oh cute! Are these, like, sort of coffee mugs?
Us: Yes.
FC: And is that, like, hot chocolate in there?
Us: Yes.
FC: Oh. So you can, like, drink hot chocolate and coffee out of these?
Us: Yes.
FC: Cool! (looks around) Is this, like, a Christian store?
Us: Yes it is.
FC: My family is Catholic, but I like Christian better.
Us: Okay . . .
FC: (nods and stops to listen) So, is that, like, Christian music you have playing?
Us: Yes.
FC: That is so cool. So, like, everything in here is, like, Christian?
Us: Yes.
FC: I like Christian. Are you a Christian?
Us: Yes.
FC: That’s, like, really cool.
Us: Yes it is.
FC: My friend has a daughter who is, like, turning 4 and she, like, REALLY likes Strawberry Shortcake. So I’ll, like, ask her if she already has this DVD and if she doesn’t I’ll, like, come back to get this one.
Us: Sounds good.
FC: Okay, bye!

It was good for a chuckle.

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