Water, water everywhere . . .

I’ll just bet you thought I was going to talk about the weather. Wrong! Well, maybe a little. I wanted to make a point that there IS a lot of water around these days, what with all the snow melting and rain pouring down like . . . I was going to use a Seth analogy, but I’ll resist the temptation.

Let’s get a little spiritual about all the water, shall we?

You know what it’s like out there when snow starts melting. It doesn’t take long before the beauty of it disappears and you’re left with piles and piles of dirty, formerly white, snow. But take a look at where the rain has melted it, and you see clean roads, clean sidewalks, clean grass. Well, it might take a little longer to see the grass, but you get my drift.

We can present ourselves with a beautiful outward appearance (the fresh fallen snow), and it lasts for a while. But eventually, what’s inside is exposed (dirty melting snow). Then comes the washing of the water of the Word of God, and all things become clean and new (the rain).

Simple, isn’t it?

Bring on the rain!

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