Christmas Snow

We had a GREAT Christmas Day! We ate and opened gifts and ate and played games and ate and laughed and ate and napped and ate.

But . . . it’s snowing AGAIN!

I read on the news this morning that 2008 is the first Canada-wide white Christmas on record – or at least the first that anyone can remember. As you can see from this picture of my house (taken this morning), it is definitely winter. And to think that only 10 days ago there was not a snowflake to be see anywhere. I continue to have faith in Environment Canada – despite their repeated “snowfall warning” bulletins – that tomorrow will be +9C (about 40F) – and the rains will come. It’s supposed to rain all of next week. That’s a good thing on one hand, because the snow will disappear faster. But it’s a bad thing on the other hand, because the roads will be a mess and we’ll be driving through lakes at every intersection. Not to mention potential flooding. I guess all I want to say is that there is a LOT of snow and I want it to go away.

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  1. You know every one of those lakes will receive a name too! đŸ˜‰

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