Bookstore Shoppers

Being quite new to the retail sales industry, I am still intrigued with the various types of shoppers that come into our store. Time for some categorization.

The Politician – more interested in talking than making a commitment to buy
The Used Car Dealer – insistent on obtaining a discount for any reason
The Desperate – usually a stay-home mom looking wild-eyed and frazzled – needs a book to escape
The Admiral – navigates efficiently through the aisles, knowing exactly what he/she wants
The Indecisive – can’t make a decision and either buys everything we recommend, or leaves empty-handed
The Hands-On Person – has to touch EVERYTHING in the store (including Bradford Exchange china) and doesn’t buy anything
The Moocher – comes in just to use the washroom and helps herself/himself to a free coffee on the way out
The Peeping Tom – doesn’t even come into the store. Just gets nose prints on the window . . . from the outside

Ah, the fun!

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  1. And how would you characterize the customer who comes in and tells you that there was – insert specific title here – the last time they were here and it was this bargain price, and why don’t you have it anymore? Or names one, say New Age Wicca or something, that you would never have had anyway, but they are determined that they saw in your store, and why don’t you have it now?Ah, the memories of the bookstore in a fixed location – though it still happens when you take books to movable locations too!Heather

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