Bookstore Lessons #1

The other day, a lovely woman came into our bookstore, looked around her, and exclaimed, “Oh my! This is so much bigger than I thought it would be. And you have such a wonderfully large selection displayed so well. I’m impressed with how you’ve made use of the space.”

She shopped for a quite a while, had a great time, and as she was leaving, a man came in.

He also stopped just inside the door to look around, and then commented, “This place is pretty small, isn’t it? You’ve really got stuff jammed in here.” He didn’t come any further into the store – just turned around and left.

These two customers basically said the same thing, however, one saw an opportunity and found everything she was looking for, while the other passed judgment and missed what might have been the perfect thing.

Makes me wonder how many times I’ve missed it because I judged too quickly.

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