A Thankful Day

I have decided that this will be a thankful day. It’s not Thanksgiving (neither Canadian or American), but the Bible says “in all things give thanks”, so here goes my thankful list for today:

1. My awesome husband who loves me even though I didn’t iron his shirts. He is amazing.
2. Beautiful Julie who inspires me and encourages me without even knowing she does – and I think she still loves me despite the fact that I made so many mistakes raising her.
3. Shawn, who knows all the cool stuff I wish I knew, and who takes the time to talk to me about those cool things – wow, I’ve learned a lot from him.
4. Caleb, the analyst, who sees things from perspectives no one else does.
5. Reece, the lover of life, who has an uncanny ability to make people laugh – all the time!
6. Michael, so smart and so sensitive to the world around him – I have always loved that about him. And he gives the best belching lessons of anyone I know.
7. Jen, full of compassion and strength – she is an example. And she makes great salads.
8. Emily, my kindred spirit. She keeps me on my toes so I can stay one step ahead of her.
9. Joshua, who still likes to sit on my lap and who loves me just by being.
10. Precious Jordan, who picks up the slack by doing the things I’d like to do, but she’s so much better at it. I love that we can talk without even saying anything.
11. Wonderful Kelsey, who is my right hand (and often my left as well). She is so full of life (in more ways than one – pun intended), and her enthusiasm keeps me going.
12. Seth, who always knows exactly when I need a hug, and whose everlasting mini-sermons make me think . . . and change.
13. Mom, who has been through so much – including raising me! She should be awarded the medal of bravery for guiding me to adulthood with her sanity intact.
14. Dad, who lives in heaven now. He was, and still is, my hero.

I am blessed.


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2 responses to “A Thankful Day

  1. What a beautiful post, Wendy. Yes, you are blessed. And you are a blessing, as well.Hope you have a great weekend!

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