Sorry – Another NaNo!

Yesterday I gave those two one last chance. It was make it or break it, dude, and they blew it. I hummed and hawed for a couple of hours, hoping they would change their minds, but it didn’t happen, so I left without them. At 12:30 a.m. I was 3400 words into a new story with new characters and a new passion. I went to bed with aching arms, stiff fingers, and a huge grin on my face thinking that this was the way the writing life should be.

I’ll go back to the unfortunate two one day. I keep thinking there is something important they want to tell me, but until we can see eye to eye on a few things, I’m not going to waste my time on them.

Now I have some writing to catch up on if I want to make the NaNo deadline!

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  1. You can do it, Wendy. I have faith in you, my friend!

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