Breakfast with the Boys

It’s my Saturday off and I am going to have breakfast with the boys. Well, not just the boys. Julie will be there too, so at least there will be a small measure of adult conversation. I do enjoy those little guys. I’m looking forward to hearing about everything going on in their lives – Caleb’s lengthy descriptions of an event conjured up in his imagination, or Reece’s attempts at dialogue in his half-English, half-Baby vocabulary. You really do need the gift of interpretation when it comes to Reece! We’ll sit at Denny’s and have our All American Slam breakfasts (why they don’t call it the All Canadian Slam in Canada, I’ll never know), with our three fluffy buttermilk pancakes (as stated on the menu), and just have a blast. An hour later, Julie and I will clean the boys up and go our separate ways to do the usual Saturday stuff. A wonderful way to start the day!

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