The Room of Total Abandonment

I read an article posted by someone on October 19, 2007. The profound simplicity of this man’s vision caught my attention and has not left me alone since. In a dream one night, the Lord showed the man a small room – a room very few have ever discovered – the room of total abandonment. The Lord spoke to the man, saying that so many people have never been able to grasp all that He has for them or do everything He would have them do because they have never found this room. Some have found it, but could not enter. Others have found it, but would not enter. Yet the secret to great power is contained in this room. The man noticed that the door to the room was so small that he knew he would not fit through it. The Lord told him, “The only way to enter the door is to leave yourself outside”.

God is looking for us to be totally abandoned to Him – trusting Him with complete obedience, leaving ourselves outside the door so that we can enter that room. Trust and obey. Total surrender to His will. That’s all.

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