Writing on Thanksgiving

The traditional part of my brain tells me to write something deep and profound this Thanksgiving weekend. The slightly crazy part of my brain tells me to go for the humourous. The rebellious part of my brain tells me to trash the whole thing. Hmm. I think I’ll take the route of least resistance on this one and simply say “Happy Thanksgiving”!

Tomorrow I throw in the 15-pound turkey for the good old family feed and I am SO GLAD that I have daughters who like to cook! Julie will bring her to-die-for baked mashed potatoes that are so rich you gain weight from inhaling the aroma. She’s also done her culinary magic with a pumpkin cheesecake. Kelsey is whipping up a vegetable casserole of some kind that will be delicious just like everything else she makes. I’m left with the easy stuff – turkey, stuffing (I never make scratch anymore because everyone in our family loves Stove Top), and the famous creamed carrots. Done. We’ll be a smaller group this year. Jordan will be enjoying her own turkey dinner in Toronto, and Mike & Jen are having the same meal in Chilliwack.

I think I’ll skip breakfast and lunch tomorrow so I can enjoy the spread.

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