The Pasta Decision

Julie shared this morning’s conversation with Caleb.

Mommy: What should I make for dinner tonight?
Caleb: Something with vegetables.
Mommy: How about spaghetti and meatballs with vegetables?
Caleb: What flavours of spaghetti do we have?
Mommy: Favours?
Caleb: Mommy, you know, the big long twisty kind or the fat kind that you put stuff in or the little tiny ones that have letters.
Mommy: Oh, you mean shapes!
Caleb: That’s what I said.
Mommy: (hiding a grin) I don’t know if I have any of those flavours.
Caleb: Well, you just do the best you can, Mommy.

Don’t you just love the way 4-year-olds think???

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