The Great NaNo Prep

Hmmm . . . a month to go until NaNo begins. For the non-writing readers, November is National Novel Writing Month. I have Sarita to thank for getting me hooked on the insanity several years ago, and despite the nerve-wracking pace, I can hardly wait.

But what to write?

I told my daughter yesterday that I need some time to think. Uninterrupted time. I read somewhere that the Ivy League universities actually plan thinking time into their top professors’ schedules because they’ve realized how much more creative and productive they are when that happens. Now that is cool.

So, I’m attempting to get some thinking time squeezed into my own schedule to contemplate NaNo. Is it time for ex-convict Julia Smith to find her daughter in 1946? What about the mystery of Katie Blue – who is she? There is also the issue with Daisy Hudson and her grandmother’s diary. Steve and Abby have been bugging me to get the rest of their story written, so there’s that as well.

One thing is for certain. I do not lack for ideas.


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2 responses to “The Great NaNo Prep

  1. Can you think up a few ideas for me?

  2. I’m tickled to hear you’re doing this again! Way to go, Wendy! We’re going to have so much fun this November. 🙂

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