Communication Gap

Wayne is working out of town this week – taking care of business on Vancouver Island. He called me yesterday after he’d finished a golf game with his Dad in Nanaimo, and told me this story.

Wayne: (leaving the golf course) Do you want to go out for supper somewhere?
Dad: Sure. Let’s go to Montana’s. It’s close by.
Wayne: Okay, I’ll meet you there.

30 minutes later, Wayne is sitting at a table in Montana’s Cookhouse. No Dad. He pulls out his cell phone and punches in Dad’s number.

Wayne: Hi Dad. Where are you?
Dad: I’m at Montana’s waiting. Where are YOU?
Wayne: I’m at Montana’s and you are NOT here.
Dad: What? Of course I’m here.
Wayne: Well, your “here” is obviously not the same “here” as my “here”.
Dad: Are you sure you’re at Montana’s?
Wayne: Yes Dad. I see the Montana’s menu on the table in front of me.
Dad: (pause) Uh-oh.
Wayne: What’s the matter?
Dad: My menu says Cactus Club.

I kind of chuckled over this one.

Oh yeah – Wayne and Dad eventually ended up at the same restaurant and had supper together.

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