Kindergarten Conversations

My oldest grandson, Caleb, started kindergarten this fall. A huge milestone for a little boy. He’s adjusting well, but now comes the transition from believing everything Mommy says to believing everything Mrs. Lavallee says. Mommy relayed a conversation she had with Caleb the other day. Here is my version:

Caleb: Mommy, we have to have to take healthy snacks to school.
Mommy: What’s a healthy snack?
Caleb: Apples, oranges, bananas and carrots.
Mommy: Okay, we can do that.
Caleb: We can’t bring candies or nuts or heart-shaped cookies.
Mommy: Heart-shaped cookies?
Caleb: Heart-shaped cookies are not healthy snacks.

Mommy furrows her brow, attempting to interpret this conversation until she finds a paper in Caleb’s backpack that has apples, oranges, bananas and carrots on the “healthy” side, and candies, nuts and – you guessed it – heart-shaped cookies on the “unhealthy” side. Nuts are apparently on the unhealthy side due to the allergies of some of the students in the school. The conversation continues:

Caleb: Mommy, what are you baking?
Mommy: I’m baking Reece’s birthday cake. Remember, he’s two years old today.
Caleb: Is that a healthy cake?
Mommy: (rolling her eyes) Yes, it’s a healthy cake.
Caleb: (peering into the bowl of cake batter) But I don’t see anything healthy in there.
Mommy: I put pieces of an orange in there.
Caleb: Oh. That’s healthy. Is that all?
Mommy: I am going to put pineapple pieces in the whipped cream.
Caleb: (relieved) Oh good. Then it’s a healthy cake.

How well I remember these conversations with my kids when they were the same age! Julie, enjoy this season in your life.

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  1. It seems impossible Caleb’s in kindergarten. How did the years fly so quickly? I’ll bet the little sweetie is going to enjoy himself! Fun post, thanks for sharing. 🙂

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