Night of Dreams

I’ve always been a dreamer – day and night, I might add – but last night was a little over the edge. I dreamed I was working at INTRIA in Toronto, which is not so far-fetched since I HAVE spent a lot of time doing just that in the past. However, the office building was a slight bit nicer than INTRIA’s – or how about a LOT nicer – and I was working with people who have long since left the company. These were people I didn’t even like very much. Weird. Even weirder (is that a word?) was the fact that the project we were working on (and we “insiders” know how INTRIA loves projects) was to measure the rising levels of some large body of water that was already lapping at the front lawn of this office building. We weren’t doing much and I spent most of my time wandering around this huge compex with marble floors and floor-to-ceiling windows carrying an empty yellow file folder and the lid to a coffee mug I couldn’t seem to find. I told you it was weird. If anyone can see the moral to the story here, please let me know.

I’ll stick to the day dreams for now.

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  1. Now that it an unusaul dream! Thanks for sharing it. 🙂

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