The Crazy Bookstore Lady

I always had this picture in my mind of the Crazy Bookstore Lady – you know, the one who has long hippie hair, wears peasant dresses and white gym socks with her Birkenstocks. She sits behind the counter in her bookstore, absorbed in some leather-bound obscure classic, wire-rimmed glasses perched low on her nose. She has hung a loud antique bell above the door to signal the arrival of customers and when one comes in, she looks over her glasses, smiles, and nods a welcome before she goes back to her book. Although it may seem that she is oblivious to her surroundings, she can tell you where every single book in her store is located and she is a genius when it comes to knowing who wrote what in 1972.

Now I’m the Crazy Bookstore Lady, minus the long hair, peasant dress, and Birkenstocks. I don’t have any leather-bound obscure classics in my store, and there is no antique bell on my door (an electronic beep serves the purpose). But I’m learning very quickly where every single book is located and I’m getting better at knowing who wrote what last year.

I’ve always thought that there is nothing more theraputic than walking into a bookstore, closing your eyes, and breathing in the aroma of ink and coffee. Those smells make your browsing experience near perfect. So, in order to accommodate the much-needed therapy for my wonderful customers, I have coffee on all day and you’re very welcome to come in and take as many deep breaths as you like. Someone told me on our opening day that the store had a “velvet” feeling and I smiled, thanking God for making it all possible.

I am living my dream as the Crazy Bookstore Lady!

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