The Circle of Life

My grandmother has often commented to me on “the circle of life”. (Now before you go humming the song from The Lion King, let me have my say.) When I left home, when I got married, and with every new baby, she would get that knowing look on her face and nod her head. “The circle of life,” she would say. I guess I’m thinking about that now – today being the first day I didn’t have to get in my car and drive the hour and a half to my job downtown. After nearly 33 years of working for one bank or another, I’m done. And a new chapter in my life begins. I get to be what I always wanted to be when I grew up – a bookstore owner. How cool is that? I’m amazed at how perfectly my heavenly Father has put it altogether. He worked out the timing so incredibly well and even arranged to have my job eliminated so that the bank has to continue paying me for a good long while. You might ask what this has to do with the circle of life. Well, we go through stages, don’t we? My stage is now practicing my faith – letting God be God. I’ve read the Book, bought the t-shirt, and it’s time to prove that I believe that my God can never fail – that He is who His Word says He is, and that He does what He says He will do. Period. That’s the circle of my life in Christ. Now I take a deep breath, grab on to my Daddy’s hand, and step . . .

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