Tuesday Mornings

Tuesday mornings are common. We get to experience them once a week, and they come and go with little fanfare. Tuesdays are often spent doing those mundane things that you know you have to do and you might as well just get it over with. You’re still too far away from the weekend to look forward to it, and the memories of the previous weekend are fading fast. So I reflect. Why is it that Tuesdays are kind of blah? Because we let them be, that’s why. As a matter of fact, I see most people either living for the next big event in their lives, or riding high on the adrenaline of the last one. Not many are living in the moment. I don’t think that’s God’s best for us. He gives us every breath – even on Tuesdays. So I’m going to start this Tuesday looking for something new, something I can learn, some way I can bless someone else. And I thank the Father for this day, for His mercies that are new every Tuesday morning.

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